Baby Sense Summer Sleepy Sac

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No more kicking off the blankets; this Summer Sleepy Sac ensures a constant temperature throughout the night.
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Why the Baby Sense Summer Sleepy Sac?

No more kicking off the blankets; this Summer Sleepy Sac ensures a constant temperature throughout the night.

A baby sleeping bag keeps your little one warm when room temperatures drop in the early hours of the morning. Since babies tend to kick their blankets off, they may wake at 3-4 am, cold and uncomfortable. The Baby Sense Summer Sleepy Sac is a 100% cotton sleeping bag which will keep baby warm when it is cool and cool when it is warm. The pure, natural cotton fabric ‘breathes’ to prevent overheating.

A sleeping bag is a safe alternative to blankets, decreasing the risk of cot death due to suffocation - Meg Faure, co-author of the Baby Sense Series

Product Features at a Glance:
  • Designed by experts in the field of calming baby care
  • 100% cotton for greater breathability
  • Fits babies from 5 to 18 months
  • Keeps baby safe and warm, can lower the risk of SIDS
  • Since 2005, the American Academy of Pediatrics has suggested the use of wearable blankets to replace loose blankets that can cover your baby's face and interfere with breathing
  • Allows ease of travel with unique seatbelt slot
  • Becomes part of bedtime routine which helps your to go to baby sleep
  • New design enables older babies/toddlers to stand in the Sleepy Sac without the possibility of popping the shoulder studs
  • Zipped front
  • Chin zip protection


  • Pink, Grey & Stone Pocadot Pattern
  • Pink & Grey Elephants Pattern
  • Grey & Stone Pocadot Pattern
  • Grey Elephants Pattern
  • Blue, Grey & Stone Pocadot Pattern
  • Blue, Grey & Green Elephants Pattern


Why Use a Sleepy Sac?

Babies who are warn at night sleep longer and better. Many babies kick off their blankets during the night resulting in waking in the early hours of the morning when the room and body temperature drops. Prevent early morning wakings due to coldness by keeping your baby's room at an optimal temperature of about 21C and by using a sleeping bag. Increase or reduce layers of clothing according to your room temperature. Refer to the Sleepy Sac warmth guide below.

The risk of overheating your baby (which has been associated with SIDS) means that you should not use duvets or any products with polyester for warmth. The Baby Sense Summer Sleepy Sac is made from pure brushed cotton to ensure that while your baby is warm there is no risk of overheating.

Bedtime Routine:
Your baby will associate getting into his sleeping bag as part of his bedtime routine. The familiarity and bed time routine will help your little one settle quicker in new environments such as when on holiday.

Frequently babies fall asleep in the car seat, particularly at night when traveling to or from home. Your baby can be strapped into the car seat whilst in the Sleepy Sac and you do not have to unwrap you baby to remove them from the car seat.

When to use a Sleepy Sac?

Warmth Guide

Room Temperature
24 - 27 C (Too warm for comfort): Cool the room and use short sleeved vest with summer Sleepy Sac only.
19 - 24 C (Perfect temp but cools down in morning): Cotton baby grow or pyjamas with summer Sleepy Sac
16 - 19 C (Will wake feeling cool): Vest and cotton baby grow with winter Sleepy Sac
Less than 16 C (Too cold to sleep): Dress baby in a vest and warm cotton baby grow or pyjamas with a winter Sleepy Sac


Length of baby: 60cm - 85cm
Weight of baby: 7kg - 12kg
Approx Age: 5 - 18 months