About ecoBaby

Your Green Baby Boutique

The moment you caught a glimpse of your baby’s perfect face, it seemed that nothing was more important than protecting and cherishing this new life. You cannot control every influence in your child’s world; however you do have choice over the toys and products you bring into your home to create a healthy and happy environment.

At The ecoBaby Company, we know how important your child’s well-being is. To make your life easier, we search high and low for the best, quality products available, that are safe and comfortable for your baby, and put them all in one place where you can browse at your leisure. On this website you will find products that have all been approved by the strictest critics; our babies. What’s more, we have ensured that everything you see is environmentally sustainable because there is nothing more noble than cherishing our planet and leaving it as a legacy for your children.

Our promise to you

We promise to always be your best friend, honest in a world of dishonesty. Putting your needs as a parent before our own need to make a profit.

Why join our family?

A new baby is a fresh perspective with endless possibilities. From those tiny little feet come towering leaders, brave pioneers and titans of industry.
But most importantly little miracles also grow into future moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers, uncles, aunties and brothers or sisters.
We know you have these and even greater dreams for your bundle of joy and at The ecoBaby Company we are here to help you be the best parent you can be.
As we believe in the importance of family and to us you are our family. We are eco-Warriors, truth-Warriors, natural-Warriors and family-Warriors We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use or trust ourselves\ Our categories are unique because they are goal based and match the wishes of every parent to Nourish, Cherish, Shine, Cleanse and Develop your little one to be the best they can be.

Meet the Team

ecoBaby Team

Juan - eco-Ideas

Juan is a marketer by trade, with international experience across three continents. He credits his extensive travels as the reason he can work with anyone, find solutions to anything and is never short of an entertaining story (so he thinks).

ecoBaby Team

Madison - eco-Friendly

Juggling customer-service like only a mom of 2 can. Madison is obsessed with infecting the world with her happiness. She literally arrives armed with a smile wider than the Joker in Batman. She one time smiled so wide - that some customers even heard it over the phone.

ecoBaby Team

Jaco - eco-Everything

Jaco leads from the front and lends a hand wherever required. If needed he will tackle everything from admin to packing and everything in between. 

ecoBaby Team

Shelly - eco-OT

Shelly is a highly qualified Occupational Therapist with a passion for Pediatrics and is a specialist in: 1. Sensory Integration (SI) 2. Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT) and 3. DIR Floortime. Our in-house advice expert also raises two very free-range children.